Popular Video For Elementary School Students!

Popular Video For Elementary School Students!

Empower your teachers with an inspirational keynote onThe 7 Mindsets For Extraordinary Teaching. 

These Mindsets are research-based.  They are the Mindsets employed by the happiest, highest achievers in history. 


In this moving presentation your teachers will learn how to:
tap into the power of their greatest dreams,
live and teach with sustained passion,
improve their relationships,
be empowered with accountability,
thrive on the attitude of gratitude,
find energy in giving,
and make the most of the present moment. 

At the same time, they will be learning how to pass these
life-changing Mindsets onto their students.


If you would like an in-depth Professional Development Program for your staff for incorporating 7 Mindsets SEL into your curriculum, click here.



I understand the team building at teambuildingtrainings.comchallenges faced by today's school teachers


"I've received glowing feedback regarding your keynote on team building." L. Perkins, Professional Development committee, North Hanover Township Schools.


I'm a former school teacher who has taught in public school, private school and alternative school settings, as well as in preschools and childcare centers.


My expertise is in helping teachers manage their emotional reactivity and attitude to protect their spark of inspiration and bring more joy and purpose to their work.


Some basic practices / points covered include:

1… Maintaining your peace, poise and power in the classroom

2… How to calmly cope with frustrating testing demands

3… How to not give up on the most challenging children

4… How to respect your own individuality while functioning as a team member and 

as part of the whole school culture

5… How to maintain or regain your sense of purpose and passion

6… Why teaching is the most rewarding profession in the world

7… Maintaining your self-esteem in a materialistic culture  

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