I understand the challenges of hard working support staff, who often feel underpaid, unappreciated, and overworked.


Your Support Staff Is Important
The attitude of everyone in your school building impacts the
attitude (and performance) of your
teachers and students.


"You motivated our food service providers to believe in themselves, give their best, and you rekindled the love for our work in all of us. To be honest, you blew me away. Thank you for your important work.  K. Renard, SNS, director of food  service, Carlisle School District, PA  


Does Your School Support Staff Feel Alienated, Unappreciated, Undervalued, Overlooked?

Let me help you solve those problems...


Nurturing a sense of dignity, inspiration, child behavior management skill and stess management to your well-deserving school bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and school janitorial professionals.


The Attitude Of A Single Cafeteria Worker, Janitor, Bus Driver or School Crossing Guard Makes A Significant Difference In The Working Atmosphere Of The Entire School.



Topics covered include:

  • How to do your best work without feeling overworked


  • Interpersonal communication skills for more respectful, cooperative relationships with fellow school support staff, faculty, administrators and students

  • How and why to feel great about yourself and the important work that you do
  • Understanding child behavior and how to influence it for the better.
  • How to delightfully deal with difficult people (of all ages)

  • How to manage anger and stress to calmly produce more satisfying results
  • Keys for maintaining order on the school bus or cafeteria


Motivational Speaker Power For Your School Or District 
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