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Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress

 Bob Lancer’s classic, groundbreaking book on child behavior, development and discipline. Learn how to bring out every child’s great potential as you maintain your peaceful and loving [$15.95 Click to purchase]


Lighten Up! 
How to harness the power of happiness.  
can turn to any page and read any sentence of this book to find a gem of wisdom that helps you release from self-defeating mindsets and emotions. Over 200 pages packed with powerful inspiration. PLEASE ORDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS:
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"This book has changed my life. It gave me the key to my longstanding bouts with discouragement in the first 3 pages." T. Hunter

"Lighten Up is solid enlightenment and inspiration! Thank you for the amazing breakthrough you have given me." G Setworth 



The Longtime Tales Of Uncle Mo

A book of lighthearted tales to motivate young children to believe in themselves and live with compassion. For children ages 3 - 12. [$11.95 Click to purchase]



These CD's empower teachers and parents to fulfill their own glorious potentials as they work effectively with children.


Each CD contains approximately 45 minutes of material.  The cost is $12.95 / each (no additional charge for shipping).  Multiple discounts available.  Click here to purchase.


Peaceful Parenting 
Discover how improving your self-control with your child translates into improving your child's self-control. 

How to win with the "willful" child 
What we usually regard as "willful" behavior actually expresses the child's weakness of will. Learn how we set children up to behave poorly and how to avoid doing that in the future.

Sibling Solutions: How To Love Each Child Best 
This recording helps you understand the emotional needs of siblings, how to teach children to respect the appropriate boundaries of other children, and how to provide each individual child with what he/she needs from you.

The Child Discipline Process 
Discover the 3 simple options you have to choose from to effectively redirect child behavior with love, and without anger or stress.  Also covered here is a clear understanding of the influences that shape child behavior.

How To Win With Teens 
Teens require clear explanations of the good reasons behind your positive expectations. Learn here how to communicate with your teen in ways that inspire the trust and respect your child needs to really tell you what is going on, and to be receptive to what you have to say. This recording includes a focus on understanding and supporting teen self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-motivation.

Conscious Communication Power 
Learn keys to speaking and listening for more respectful understanding and cooperation in your relationships with adults and children.  Never-before insights into the real cause and solution for destructive arguing.

Accomplish More Through Balanced Living
You really can accomplish more through life-balance. Unbalance leads to chaos and conflict. Each individual's sense of balance guides toward truly meaningful success and harmonious relationships.

Master Your Time
Learn how rush actually slows you down. Living in conflict with time sets you into conflict with yourself and with others. Learn how to identify what needs to be done right now, and how to accomplish it with peace, poise and positive power.

Delightfully Dealing With Difficult People
A difficult person comes into your life when it is time for you to grow.  Learn how to learn from those you find difficult to deal with.  They offer you your greatest growth opportunity for more successful, satisfying relationships.

Goal-Achievement Mastery
Achieving what you really want involves two things: understanding the creative process and understanding yourself.  To direct your life toward your most satisfying and spectacular goals, in the least time, expending the least effort, listen to this amazing recording again and again.

Motivating Yourself, Motivating Others
Motivation equals power, joy, and top performance.  Learn how to access yours under any circumstances, and how to ignite the power of passion and purpose in those you want to lead.



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