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The 7 Mindsets For Extraordinary Parenting

 Available as an empowering talk or full-length seminar.


At this uniquely motivating, instructive and transformative talk or seminar parents learn how to:


Use the 7 Mindsets employed by the world’s highest achievers to harness your full potential for happiness and success in every area of your life, including parenting. 


Pass these empowering Mindsets onto your children to improve child behavior and academic performance and support your child’s authentic self-expression for happiness and success throughout life.


Learn how to tap into your own greater potential to solve child behavior problems, achieve your child behavior goals, live your own ultimate life and lead your children to do the same.


Don't miss this opportunity to provide your children with this extraordinary advantage.  The highest achievers in history have employed these Mindsets to soar into the extraordinary heights of happiness and accomplishment.  Now it’s your turn.


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I am the parenting expert of the cable TV network of the Atlanta Public School System.


My uplifting parent education programs empower parents around the U.S. and overseas to create harmonious, peaceful, loving relationships with their children while helping their children lead joyful, responsible successful lives in and out of school.


"I attended your parenting workshop and took so much away from it.  I know this is the right path for our family and everything is going to work out fine.  I am very excited to have had an opportunity to hear your parenting wisdom and now read your books." L. Best, Parent  

To learn about how to bring the 7 Mindsets to your child's school,

see: www.7mindsets.com

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