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This year, uplift the hard-working faculty of your school with the  
Great School Team Building Inspirational Keynote  


For Great Teacher (and Student) Motivation


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Listen to my recent appearance on the show: Choose Respect:
Where I discuss how how to release from toxic attitudes and relationship patterns and how our toxic relationship patterns negatively impact the natural environment and child development. 



Liberate the inspiration of your school faculty with inspiring reminder of their opportunity, power and responsibility to positively influence the lives of their students for the future of our world.

Recharge teacher commitment.

Rekindle teacher's faith in the work they do.

Provide an emotionally bonding faculty team building experience with Bob Lancer's heart-driven School Staff-Development Inspirational Keynote.


Bob Lancer is a former school teacher who has taught in schools around the nation, including rural, urban and suburban settings.


He knows the challenges teachers face everyday, challenges that can wear on morale and teamwork.


For the past 25 years Bob Lancer has been inspiring teachers to bring their highest level of dedication and love to their great responsibility,
of shaping children's lives and preparing them to succeed
and contribute to the world they will be entering.


Motivate your staff to passionately seek their own learning in the classroom: to learn about each student, and how to reach and teach that budding human being and fulfill the great purpose of that relationship.


Inspire your faculty so that they transmit their love of learning to their students.


Release the greater stores of talent in each staff member with the fresh, authentic passion Bob Lancer delivers.


Kick-off your Teacher In-Service Day Trainings with a
motivational boost that rings with authenticity.


Bob Lancer's uplifting keynotes teach positive accountability, and that translates into the greater success of YOUR SCHOOL or SCHOOL DISTRICT  


Bring a greater sense of shared purpose, improved team work, and more harmonious team bonding among Faculty, Administrators, and School Support Staff.

Presented by Bob Lancer
A Most Sought After Professional Development Motivational Speaker For Schools.



"The question I ask our teachers is not, 'Do you love your job?"'
It is, 'Do you believe that our world needs great teachers?' If your answer to
that is 'Yes' , then who is in a greater position to fulfill that heroic purpose, but you?" Bob Lancer


We teach through who we are and what we do.  We teach our attitude, our values, our disciplines.  
To be a great teacher is to learn from every experience, to remain connected to the inspiration behind your great purpose, to relentlessly put joy and inspiration into your work, to pursue your own inspired life-long learning and personal growth, to model eternal optimism and to never give up on reaching, teaching and inspiring our students to fall in love with learning for life.


Motivational Education Expert Bob Lancer, Professional Development Speaker and Seminar Leader for Schools, is on a Mission:

Let's work together... 


     To create GREAT school experiences for the students of today, for the world of tomorrow...


     To free each student's spirit to soar into the heights of his and her endless possibilities…


     To inspire young people to solve the world’s problems...


To reignite and reinforce the purpose, passion and inspiration in our schools...


Because teaching is not a job... it's a calling... a calling from the heart of every child, a calling from the future of our world.


(Are you a Montessori School?
Call 770-364-9580 or
Email to learn more about Bob Lancer's 
specialized Montessori-Based
programs for Faculty Professional Development.)



  • Inspire and uplift your faculty with a motivational team building inspirational keynote (that can include stress-free classroom behavior management tips)


  • Improve faculty-administration communication and alignment.


  • Support School Support Staff (including schoolbus drivers,  school cafeteria workers, school janitorial services) with a motivational team building seminar that helps them feel great about themselves and their work, assists them in anger and stress management and provides child behavior management skills that keeps kids safe.


Call 770-364-9580 or click here to make your next school staff-development program
or Teacher In-Service day a great success


  • Resolve / avoid interpersonal conflicts among the staff and end communication breakdowns between staff and the administration


  • Recharge school staff trust in the school and belief in the value of their best work  


  • Help school teachers manage stress, reduce overwhelm and avoid teacher burn-out


  • Build motivation and enthusiasm in your faculty for higher, happier classroom success


  • Harness the power of teacher-passion and pass it along to students


Help teachers accomplish more and execute policy through improved goal-setting and time-mastery skills


Empower school teachers to cope with the demands of change and testing


Improve school staff communicationfor more productive cooperation  


Support school teachers  with classroom behavior management skills that work.


Why Bob Lancer's School Staff Development Team Building Seminars
are so important in today's world:

Teachers have never felt so overwhelmed by:


...The increased demands of school testing

...The cuts in raises and even salaries

...The cuts in personnel

...The increased cost of their health insurance benefits


Lowered faculty morale translates into lower student achievement, more disruptive behavior and a poorer performing school.


"Thanks Bob!  Our faculty is off to a great start this week with the students, due in large part to your motivation.  We are grateful!" J. Buckhalter, Assistant Princ. CCHS


Call 770-364-9580 or click here to email for more information
or to schedule your school staff development seminar.


School Teachers need team building, motivation and
stress reduction now more than ever!


At Bob Lancer's motivational school staff development team building keynote your faculty will understand how and why to keep their morale high to improve their daily work experiences AND their results with students.


Happy teachers = happy, well-behaved, high-performing students


  • De-stress your faculty


  • Instill or reinforce a positive attitude toward TODAY'S teaching profession


  • Help your school staff improve their daily work experiences AND outcomes


  • Provide your school staff with a motivating team building seminar or keynote that supports their full positive engagement in their jobs.


Why does YOUR school or school district need Bob Lancer's
Great School Team Building Inspirational Keynote?

Because now, more than at any time in history, our world NEEDS great schools and great teachers to motivate students to work as hard as they can, for all the right reasons.


What makes Bob Lancer's motivational school staff development team building programs so popular and  so valuable?  

1. An inspirational message and dynamic delivery that sets the positive tone for your staff-development meeting.

2. Leading-edge school staff development training for improved teamwork, morale, stress-management, interpersonal relationships and classroom leadership IN TODAY'S CHALLENGING TIMES.

3. Today's best strategies for successful child behavior management and student motivation in the classroom.


When you hire Bob Lancer you bring in a world renowned motivational speaker and expert
in the fulfillment of higher potential in both adults and children,
with over 25 years of professional experience.


"As I already expressed to you when we chatted after your fantastic program for our teachers and their assistants, I cannot say enough wonderful things about your content and delivery." Nitza Vewga-Lahr, Director of The Child Development Association.  

Is your school staff expressing distrust in these uncertain times of massive school budget cuts and teacher layoffs?   

Is your school staff feeling cynical in response to fewer resources, lower pay-hikes (if any), and increased responsibility?     


Faculty strife, stress or distrust lower the over-all morale of the building and negatively impact the performance of the students.   

Solve or avoid the morale problems lowering the performance of so many schools, lift your school's faculty team spirit, rebuild trust, uplift morale and motivation empower each staff member to perform at peak levels with a positive attitude...


Call 770-364-9580 to discuss your school staff development /
team building seminar needs directly with Bob Lancer,
or to schedule a presentation at your school. 
His calendar fills up fast.  If you prefer to communicate via e-mail, click here.



team building at teambuildingtrainings.com

YOU CAN COUNT ON the Great School Team Building Inspirational Keynotes to uplift your faculty, recharge teacher enthusiasm, improve job-satisfaction, and provide real, practical tools for improved teacher-teamwork and classroom performance.


YOU CAN COUNT ON Bob Lancer's motivating school staff development team building seminars and keynotes to present proven, positive approaches to positive child behavior management and student motivation.

               Bob Lancer Presenting a School Staff Development Keynote


Help your staff provide the very best caring, professional,
educational leadership in the classroom.


Set the positive tone for your next teacher in-service staff-development meeting with
an engaging, enlightening, empowering and heart-warming staff development keynote.


Your school faculty will thank you as they emerge from the Great School Team Building Inspirational Keynote feeling recharged, motivated and empowered for the vital work they do in shaping lives.


Call 770-364-9580 
To speak directly with Bob about your needs,
or to schedule a school staff development program.


Support YOUR school staff with a motivational seminar for a great school that boosts
morale and raises teacher-student performance levels.


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